Do You Attract Potential Customers Just By Running Errands?

Custom Magnetic Signs Can Advertise For You Wherever You Go

It's a weekend morning and you are running to the local Krispy Kreme to grab some donuts.

Your hair is a mess.

You are wearing the jeans with the huge hole and a wrinkled shirt that you found in the pile of clean clothes.

This isn't a time you want your clients and potential clients to see you.

Your Magnetic Signs Are Always Working

Have no fear!

You can stay in your car and no one will see you.

But you are still getting your business out there to potential clients.

At least you are if you have magnetic signs on your car.

Magnetic Signs For Your Car Are The Easy, Fun Way To Stand Out

Vehicle magnets have become a very popular, convenient, and inexpensive way of expressing one's opinions.

Advertising, promoting a cause, or even just cheering on your favorite team are only a few ways custom car magnets are commonly used.

So consider a custom vehicle magnet for getting your word out there!

Magnetic Signs Are Affordable Enough To Order Several

One car magnet on either side of your car or truck guarantees that when you hit the road, your business hits the public eye.

And if your business is one that keeps you on the go, then custom car magnets are not only an affordable way to advertise, they are a smart way to let people know who you are.

How Much Can I Say On a Magnetic Sign?

People on the road don't have time to stop and read several words.

Minimal wording is your best choice.

Too many colors on a magnet can be distracting, especially while driving.

Stick to one or two colors to make your message stand out.

Keep your car magnets short and sweet, to attract the most attention.

But Won't a Magnet Mess Up My Paint Job?

Ordinary magnetic signs offer zero protection from the magnetic material itself rubbing and wearing against your vehicle's delicate paint finish.

ScratchGuard™ Magnetic Signs have a highly durable, micro-thin protective film which is permanently bonded to the magnetic sheeting.

This critical layer of protection has been specifically designed to preserve the expensive finish on your vehicle not just from scratches, but from surface rust too!

Express Yourself With a Custom Magnetic Sign

Now you know:

  • Magnetic signs are inexpensive
  • Scratchguard® keeps the car magnet from ruining your paint
  • Custom magnetics attract attention
  • You can go through the drive-thru to get your donuts and your business will still look great

Not Sure About The Design of Your Custom Magnetic Signs?

We're here to help!