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Custom Poster Printing

A simple but high quality poster can add value to your business or organization by stating your message in a cost effective yet eye-catching manner. We offer three distinct options for your custom poster: glossy photo paper, matte finished paper and waterproof vinyl. And here at BestBuySigns, we use only eco-friendly, fade resistant permanent ink. Your colors will stay vibrant and true for ten years indoors, or five years if your poster is displayed in a window. All posters are very easy to put up and remove — we can even mount your poster to Foam Core Ultra or PVC plastic to give it a more durable and professional look!

Custom posters are ideal for many different uses. Use a poster to spread awareness of your company's mission, display rules or instructions in schools and factories, effectively promote an event, decorate your home, draw people to your tradeshow booth, or sell more goods in your store.

Here are the key points to know about our custom posters:

The poster material itself is:
  • Available in glossy photo paper, matte
    finished paper or waterproof vinyl
  • Colors appear most vibrant on glossy
    photo paper
  • All three materials are very flexible
    making them easy to mount, remove
    and roll up for storage
  • Ink is eco-friendly, fade resistant and
  • Ink stays vibrant for ten years indoors
    or five years
    when displayed in a window
  • Posters are recommended for indoor use
  • Posters can be up to 4' tall and any
    desired width
  • We can mount your poster on foam core
    ultra or PVC plastic for a professional look
  • Our vibrant colors and designs attract
Plus, custom posters are highly versatile:
  • You can get any size you want
  • Any colors
  • Any design, artwork, photo or logo can
    be used for poster printing

Instant Sign Prices

Sometimes, all you want is the bottom line!

Custom posters are the most economically priced signs available. Our online poster pricing tool instantly calculates the exact prices on poster printing, shows you quantity discounts, and even lets you compare this product to other indoor sign alternatives!

And don't forget…at TheSignChef, shipping for posters and all other indoor and outdoor signs is free, and orders outside the state of South Carolina are tax-free!

Custom Poster Colors

We offer more colors for custom posters than anyone out there on the web!

You can now choose from ANY color under the sun when designing your new poster. We do not charge extra for full color printing. And our ink is always eco-friendly, fade resistant and permanent.

Big or Small, We Do It All!

While most sign companies are setting limits to what size your poster can be, we are printing posters in every size imaginable!

We can cut standard sizes, odd sizes and even extra small sizes for you. All poster paper comes on 54" rolls, which means your custom poster can be up to 4' tall and absolutely any width you desire!

Displaying your custom poster is easy! You can use masking tape, double sided tape, sticky tack or push pins to mount your poster to virtually any surface imaginable. We can also mount your poster on foam core ultra or PVC plastic to give it a more professional look.

"I just wanted to write and let you know that your website made it easy for me to design a poster, my final design draft was sent for my approval very quickly, and my sign shipped so fast and got here in plenty of time for my anniversary.

The whole process was pleasant and efficient, and your customer service is great. I will order from you in the future when I need another sign. Thanks again for your great service."


"Your company's ordering process was smooth, and we are very satisfied with the posters you produced for us.

I can say that I searched for our needs via the web for a few days before coming across your site. I found it very easy to understand what I was getting from you and all communication was excellent.

Again thank you for your time and product."

Jason Maurer
Cardinal Health
Groveport Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Posters

Full Color Poster Design

"Which poster material should I use?"

Glossy photo paper is our most popular poster material because it enables colors to appear more vibrant than matte finished paper or vinyl. However, our vinyl material is waterproof which makes it an excellent choice for schools and other environments with lots of kids. Matte finished paper has a clean, crisp, conservative look that some businesses favor. But all of our materials look professional — it's really about what you prefer.

"What kind of ink does BestBuySigns use?"

We print all posters with Green/Eco-Friendly Permanent Ink. This ink…

  • …is fade resistant
  • …will stay vibrant for 10 years indoors
  • …will last 5 years indoors if displayed in a window

"How large can I make my poster"

All of our poster paper comes on a 54" roll. Therefore, your poster can be printed on any small size of your choice, and up to 4 feet tall x ANY length desired!

"How many copies of my poster can I order at once?"

At BestBuySigns, the possibilities are endless! You can print one poster…or thousands!

"Can I have my poster mounted?"

We recommend having your poster mounted if you plan to use it for long-term purposes. We can mount your poster on foam core ultra or PVC plastic. Foam Core Ultra is a thick foam material created specifically for signs. It is coated on both sides with thin, waterproof plastic to make it sturdy and durable. PVC is solid plastic custom signage material and is slightly more durable than Foam Core Ultra.

"Why are posters less expensive than other signs?"

Posters are less expensive than other signs because non-rigid sign materials are typically less expensive than thick and sturdy sign materials. While we put just as much effort into designing and creating a poster, many other signs require more labor and materials. Posters are a great value because they enable you to get your message across effectively without the high price tag.

"How do vibrant posters demand attention?"
Full Color Custom Poster

A simple poster can add a great deal of value to your organization.
Reasons why business owners need posters include:

  • Posters can help you communicate and spread awareness of
    your company's mission
  • They are a bold way to display work instructions in your factory
  • They can effectively promote an event
  • In-store point-of-purchase posters demand attention and sell
    more goods
  • And our poster's vibrant colors and designs attract attention
    and draw people to your tradeshow booth.

Here are a few key characteristics of posters from BestBuySigns

  • Custom posters can be printed on glossy photo paper, matte finished
    paper or waterproof vinyl
  • They are printed with Eco-Friendly permanent ink that is fade
  • Are very flexible, and are easy to put up and take down
  • Posters are recommended for indoor use only