Create A Custom QR Code For Your Sign — Free!

A QR (Quick Response) code is a barcode graphic that works with any smartphone. Just snap a picture of the code and your phone will automatically take you to the website it points to. For example, a QR code on a real estate sign might point someone to a virtual tour of the house — right on their cell phone!

To create a QR code for your custom sign, simply type in the website you'd like your code to link to and click "generate."

To save your QR code, drag it to your desktop or into a documents folder, or right click and save it as a .png. Then send it to our graphic designers who will incorporate it into your sign design, free of charge.

To use the QR code, customers must have a smartphone. The newer versions come equipped with a QR reader, but older smartphone users might need to download an app such as NeoReader - best for iPhones running on OS 3.0 or higher, the easy to use QR Reader, or QR App. All are free.

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